Being an Independent Public School, the Morley SHS Board has a significant Role.  The Board was formed with the fundamental purpose of enabling parents and members of the community to engage in activities that are in the best interest of students and will enhance the education provided by the school.

The Board takes part in establishing and reviewing the school’s objectives, priorities and policy directions; evaluating the school’s performance; and formulating codes of conduct for the students at the school. The board also approves costs and charges incurred by students and their families.

The Morley Senior High School Board comprises a number of members including parents, former students, teachers and community and business leaders, who each have expertise, qualifications or experience appropriate to the needs of the school.

The Board is comprised of:

  • Principal
  • 5 Parents
  • 3 community Representatives
  • 3 school staff members
  • 2 co-opted students

Meetings are held six times per calendar year.